However it all lands, we are in the midst of a true transition: From what was to what will be. Some people describe the Covid 19 experience as “The Awakening” for we are collectively and individually called upon to reflect upon our lives; as “normal” fell by the wayside. And was replaced with either a new beginning or a way-station like state of mind resembling purgatory. It’s a matter of perspective. Like all things in life, isn’t that the truth? How we see things often represents what we believe. And in 21st century, it’s not always what we believe, or know, it’s more about how we feel. I invite you to look at the news on any media platform: It’s not about the facts, or a neutral representation of the evidence, it’s more about the emotions, the feelings, the drama which underscores the social events unfolding. As a result, what we believe is often based upon what we feel.

So with that in mind, I look forward to a new beginning as we begin the planning process for Fall 2020. I feel a sense of promise when I look at the possibilities ready to develop. Whether it be in typical brick and mortar schools, distant learning models, home schooling, or hybrids all across the spectrum, I am excited about the awakening of what could be. And I support the endless possibilities for the potential, the promise, and the purpose to be discovered within every child is also infinite in contrast to limited or pre-established. So why not look at school as the extension of the child; a developing set of possibilities. I invite you to join me on this path as I lay this out in the new book, Embracing the Gift Within; available for free as a PDF. [Write me and I will send you a copy!]

Whatever or wherever you land when it comes to Fall 2020, just know, you are not alone. Give me a call at the numbers posted. Let’s talk. Larry