Through 21st century technology, including ZOOM, SKYPE or conference call resources, we are able to successfully work with parents and school intervention teams all across the country. It works wonderfully! In fact, when the school’s team is either listening via conference call or watching through Zoom, the intention and focus seems to increase significantly and the overall communication process becomes enhanced by minimizing distractions and side conversations.  In fact, these are commonplace within training, workshops, and meetings throughout the business sector.  And since Covid 19, remote meetings are familiar to everyone within educational settings.  So this provides us the opportunity to support more families!

No matter where you live, you should have an experienced educational advocate on your side of the table!

This is especially a great option if you are in a region where it’s really a challenge finding an advocate to attend in person or due to schedule conflicts on our end.   Our support and services guide the process as if we were at the table together. Package B will prove to be the best decision you made in years and now, we are able to support you no matter where you live. Having “insiders information” work for you allows you to communicate more effectively with your child’s school; as a result you will see a major difference in the relationship developed provided in support of your son or daughter.  You’ll be able to sleep better at night rest assured that you now have an experienced advocate/consultant working on your behalf.

* For lighter cases, or task specific, we also work hourly!