We are in the midst of an extraordinary transformation within society and schools; the need for Social Emotional Learning, the so-called “soft skills” are being identified as the new “hard skills”.   Finally ….

Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have identified a measurable physiological state that underlies optimal learning, performance and resilience associated with these so called soft skills. Their research shows that while in this state our brain, nervous system and other bodily systems function with increased efficiency. Their research also shows that stress and negative emotions adversely influence learning and performance.  Simply, our emotions often get the best of us.  Or worst!  This is the foundation of Social Emotional development.

As a Resilient Educator / Advantage Trainer, I am certified by the Institute of HeartMath to work with schools, educational institutions, and related organizations

Many athletes and performers refer to this state as being in the zone, and research shows that it actually facilitates the higher cognitive processes critical for focusing attention, reasoning and creativity. HeartMath’s findings led to the development of easy-to-teach supplemental programs that have helped thousands of students improve comprehension, memory recall, problem-solving, test scores and overall academic performance as well as attitudes, behavior and relationships at home, school and play.  

As our kids navigate life, their reactions to everyday experiences often highlight sensory-related behaviors including anxiety, flight or fight responses, and melt-downs due to a feeling of being overwhelmed, Heartmath strategies and resources serve as life-long tools in dealing with emotional self regulation and supporting the development of a more calm state of ease.  I highly recommend Heartmath for my clients on a daily basis. 

HeartMath’s supplemental learning programs, relying on years of educational research, have proven successful in school settings around the world. They are aimed at clearing the mental and emotional blocks that inhibit learning and social success and building emotional resilience. HeartMath programs teach students to identify and self regulate with its science-based techniques and emWave® technology so they can build a strong foundation for lifelong learning that is successful and joyful. Programs for learners of all ages focus on teaching students to better recognize and self-regulate stress, counter the effects of test anxiety and other emotion-based blocks to learning. The skills they learn help stabilize the brain’s electrical activity, resulting in cortical facilitation, which is associated with improved comprehension, memory recall and problem-solving. It would be my pleasure to work with you and support your organization with these extraordinary resources.  “Home is where the heart is“.

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