“I want to do something splendid … something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead.  I think I shall write books.”   Louise May Alcott

“I, too, want my life, with all it’s beauty, imperfections, and most notably, the learning, not to be forgotten. So I serve others through advocacy; in the meantime, I write … ”  Larry 


Embracing The Gift Within: Transforming Schools, Our Kids, and Oneself; One Child at a Time! [Free PDF Available]

Embracing the Gift Within was intended on being “the next book” back in 2010 and 2016.  However, due to changes in schedules and engaging new projects, Embracing the Gift Within, continues to develop and evolve.  And it seems to speak more truth today than ever before. 

Till I am able to get around to traditional editing and publishing, it will need to be a free download: I believe in the message, especially during the Covid 19 (and post) period for we are all being challenged to ask ourselves: What is the most meaningful and empowering form of learning? In the meantime, I am so grateful for your interest and would love to know that you were inspired by it’s message.  So please write me and request the book!  Contact me


Love, Understanding, and Other Best Practices: The New School of Thought on IEP and 504 Plans:

Written for educators, but also appreciated by parents, “Love, Understanding, and Other Best Practices”, inspires a new paradigm in Special Education based upon mutual understanding.  By engaging in authentic conversation across the table, highlighted by genuine partnership and an evidence-based decision model, one of the most important opportunities to make a difference in a child’s life will unfold. 

Within an inspired and insightful perspective, guided by “What works?” and personal stories of parents who have shared their dreams, hopes, and concerns with me, this book cuts to the chase as a transformative tool: Both the IEP and 504 Plan process supports intervention based upon purpose, promise, and possibility, though the traditional model tends to focus on what doesn’t work and the “damage done”.

Though a quick read, this valuable resource guide presents an opportunity leading toward creativity, innovation, and collaboration within a process which has traditionally been described as “adversarial” and “us versus them”.  It’s time for the new school of thought where love, understanding, and other best practices guides our collaborative efforts supporting every child.


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The Insiders Guide to Special Education Advocacy:

Written from the “insiders” perspective of an Education Advocate, the handbook guides parents through a step by step process preparing for IEP and/or 504 meetings.  Presented in a “quick read” abridged version to assure success,  the Insiders Guide provides charts, templates, and scripts for your next meeting as well as essential information about the special needs path.  Written for parents all across the country based upon years of experience as an Education Advocate. 

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