“Never Go it Alone”

Imagine walking across a tight-rope, juggling balls, knives, or just trying to keep everything in balance.  Education advocacy, for most parents, is a similar process: juggling state and federal laws, interpreting education assessments, recommending curriculum and instructional resources, and negotiating one of the most important documents you will ever deal with as a parent.  Often, there’s a set of behaviors that go along with each situation as well. Then, imagine trying to monitor your own emotions at the same time and  keep it all in balance. It’s really asking too much for a parent to handle with expertise and wisdom.   That’s where we come in: We are proud to serve families for our work allows us to make a difference in your child’s life:  

CONSULTATION PACKAGE “A” is designed for clients who seek our guidance throughout their child’s school years in preparation for meetings with teachers, staff, and district administration, as each works through these meetings independently.  Due to an established relationship based upon trust, understanding, and long-standing support, “Package A” provides parents the opportunity to work with us and prepare for each meeting beforehand.  By doing so, it makes a  huge difference going into these meetings with a strategic plan; developed with the expertise of an educator and advocate (someone who has been working on the “inside”).  Specifically, as Section 504, IEP, and Evaluation meetings are scheduled, we work together in developing your “game-plan”, in contrast to going it alone and trusting whatever is presented by the school will be in your child’s best interest.  Our consultation “Package A” is designed to support you for the long haul.   

Since “Package A” is a consultation service package, and you attend the meetings alone, when you feel the need for more direct support at the meetings, we make it easy for you and in many situations, your payment will shift directly to “Package B”.  So there’s no reason to worry about “A” or “B”!


DIRECT ADVOCACY, “PACKAGE B”, provides you assurance and confidence knowing you have the expertise of a professional educator – advocate working on your behalf at these complex meetings.  Our in-depth knowledge of special education, policies and procedures, and innovative interventions, provides you opportunity to focus on your child, their strengths, as well as the challenges he or she may face at school .  We also specialize in Gifted Education highlighting the instructional needs of the “Twice Exceptional” child; those who present highly capable attributes as well as school-related difficulties.

Package B” specifically supports parents when meeting with the school and their team members. For most parents experience a great sense of relief to have an insightful “insider” on their side of the table during these important meetings.  The opportunity to let another take the reigns within IEP, 504 meeting, and other important conversations, allows you to focus on your child, his or her needs, instead of juggling complex issues including: Curriculum “Best Practices”, Special Education Laws & Policies, hidden agendas, and an assortment of emotions (sometimes your own as well as others across the table!).  Imagine feeling both relieved and a sense of accomplishment following these meetings!


Through the extraordinary benefits of technology, we serve families all across the country through ZOOM, SKYPE or CONFERENCE CALL formats without missing a beat.  In fact, the process supports exceptional focus and listening across the table.  This is our preferred format for direct-advocacy for it saves us time and my clients money. 


For families who are seeking direct-advocacy in person, make sure we talk about the various ways we can make this happen.  Whether it be cars, trains, planes, or boats, we attend meetings whereever you are.  There’s no excuse for not having an advocate on your side:  We are here for you, especially if you are seeking someone by your side.


Supporting our business motto, “No one should never go it alone”, we understand that everyone does not come to us from the same social – economic situation.  There are times in one’s life when one may experience abundance and prosperity, and there are moments when one may face an economic bump in the road; we understand. 

Most importantly, we are grateful for those parents who are able to work with us through our standard packages for it allows us the opportunity to work with less fortunate families. We deeply appreciate your patronage.  With our work together, you are not only helping your child, you are supporting another parent and his/her child as well.  It’s called “paying it forward”.   Thank you!

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