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Autism, Sensitivity, The Human Condition: Can You Relate?

Let's call it out: I don't see autism from the lens of "disability" anymore. Nor do I see autism as a "disorder" which requires a cure. Certainly, many of our loved ones who face the complexity of autism, often present social, emotional, and communication skill...

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Public School and the Land of Oz: Pulling Back the Curtain

Sometimes, we simply have to state the truth: As an Education Advocate with extensive "insider" experience as an administrator and teacher, my writing leans toward grace and understanding, rather than confrontation and conflict. As Michelle Obama stated, “when they go...

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Post-Holiday Update: The School Barometer

Are your kids still presenting their very best at school? From a behavioral lens, there are two critical assessment periods: Around mid October, following 4-6 weeks from the start of school, the "initial honeymoon" tends to wane. As an education advocate, this is when...

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Just Asking: A New ADD/ADHD Diagnosis and What to Do?

Earlier this morning, I received the following email: “My 9 year old daughter was just diagnosed with ADD, and I am wondering if you can assist me with what our first steps should be to help her. Her therapist directed us to CHADD, and I was pleased to learn that...

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