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Reading As If Their Life Depended On It

Now that the election is behind us, we can slowly move on to other pursuits and interests. One of which is addressing a common question many of us experience this time of the year: "What will I get my ____ for the holidays?" For those who engage in gift giving during...

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Covid, Special Education, and Navigating The Waters

Parenting a student with special needs is not always a walk in the park. Advocating for your child's IEP needs (or 504 Plan) may also present challenges on this path. So when we add the Covid experience to the process, advocacy often takes on a whole new level of...

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Consider On-Site Learning for Special Programs …

  As the argument continues, "Distant Learning", "Remote", or "Open the schools", this will likely be one of those debates that will never be resolved through "the science", for there are so many points of view and perspectives behind each declaration.  And human...

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Advocacy: If Not Now, Then When?

Often parents say to themselves, "If things get worse, I will seek out the support of an advocate". Think of it another way: Imagine the consequences if you said, "I will wait for things to get worse" before I go the dentist ... or the mechanic, or any other...

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If not now, when?

"And finally the tables are starting to turn, talking about a revolution". Tracy Chapman. In my adult lifetime, I cannot imagine a moment in time where all social & cultural roads lead to institutional change: No matter where you look, as "Black Lives Matters"...

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