Larry martin davis

Founder of Special Education Advocacy

Helping parents navigate the special education, “gifted”, and behavior maze since 1998, through intuitive – insightful consultation and direct advocacy: Working for you through a collaborative process and years of experience. 

Never go it alone: There has never been a more important time as now to navigate the Special Education maze during the Covid Virus era with the support of an advocate. 

Advocacy Support: Parents

When you realize the complexity of the IEP, 504 Plan, or Evaluation process requires expertise beyond your experience: We are here for you with over twenty years of advocacy experience. 

Advocacy Coaching & Training

When you realize your next career move is to serve families as an educational advocate;  we are here to assure your passion becomes a game-changer for others.


Consultation or Direct Advocacy;    “Never go it alone”


Supporting Advocates as you work with parents


Special Education resources for Parents and Teachers


SPECIAL EDUCATION ADVOCACY Inspire change one child at a time

Just know, our in-depth experience and insight will support you on this path due to our comprehensive experience as an “insider”; you will immediately see a difference working with our support.  


The level of partnership and collaboration, which develops due to our understanding of the special education laws, policies, instruction, and most notably, the school climate and culture, allows us to serve as a valued member of the school intervention team.   As a former Special Education Director, Behavior Specialist, Principal, Highly Capable Coordinator, and trainer, as well as a K-8 teacher, an extensive background allows us to truly understand a wide range of perspectives, which supports the development of mutual understanding between clients and staff.


This is essential when selecting an advocate. For the traditional advocacy approach often creates an adversarial relationship and establishes or reinforces division between the stakeholders across the table: Our intent is to support each child through solutions, creativity, and partnership.  However, we won’t back-down when it comes to your parental rights and appropriate services for your child!



(206) 914-0975 / (888) 881-5904


*Free Consultation available for families eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch or facing a “bump in the road”


Why an Advocate?


There are life’s moments when one seeks the guidance and expertise of a skilled and experienced professional: Your child’s education is one of those times. 

Consider the following: When one faces legal questions, an attorney is often the best resource to seek. If medical concerns develop, a physician or specialist may serve you best.   So when you are facing questions or concerns related to your child’s IEP, 504 Plan, or Evaluation, an experienced advocate with extensive insight will serve you and your family best: Never go it alone!


Our philosophy is to serve everyone …

At the core, special education is founded upon “free and appropriate education” to the extent where services and resources are inclusive and guided by each child’s individual needs.   We believe every child is a gift, and our advocacy practices support this premise.

As a result, our advocacy services are guided by understanding, transparency, and knowing that not everyone walks a similar social, emotional, or financial path; each one of us has a different story.   

So during our initial consultation, we will spend extensive time together, so you can tell your story.  And by doing so, we will develop an individualized program as well as a fee schedule which will work for you and your situation.

We support parents through two services:

Consultation:  Providing you the “insider’s” understanding of the process so you can navigate successfully as an “I.E.P.” Parent:  Informed, Empowered, Pro-Active. {Package A}.

Direct Advocacy: Providing you the full spectrum of services and support before meetings, during meetings, and following up afterwards; our intent is to support you through the process. {Package B}.


Advocacy Packages

Consultation Package A

For parents who are self-advocating their child’s IEP but are seeking comprehensive “insider” support:



Direct Advocacy Package B

For parents who are seeking extensive support before, during, and after meeting with school personnel.



Coaching / Training Package

For prospective advocates seeking an intensive mentorship to get your own advocacy practice up and running.

About Me

Since 1998, I have been helping parents all across the country navigate the school system, negotiating IEP & 504 Plan intervention, and consulting in complex casework, including behavior and Gifted Education.  My practice is grounded upon an “insiders perspective” as an educator for over 40 years, where I  have worn many hats:  Special Education Director, Behavior Specialist, Principal, gifted coordinator, and K-8 teacher.  

My working philosophy is founded upon mutual understanding and a collaborative framework rather than conflict and adversarial relations.  As a result, insight, wisdom, and guidance through in-depth experience serves as the platform to serve others on this path.  It is an honor to be able to work with parents, staff, and community members as we reinvent education one child at a time!  


“”This is my first year working in the school district and you have been the first parent advocate that I have worked with.  I instantly felt comfortable as you introduced yourself and presented the parent’s concerns.  You were dynamic with your thought process which demonstrated that you were actively listening to everybody’s concerns.  You reviewed what was said and made sure that everybody understood what was being said.  My only hope is that your colleagues do their job as professionally as you do.  You’ve set the bar very high in that regard.”                                                                   DC, PT, Tacoma

“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry on a number of cases and have always appreciated his style and commitment even as the person on the “other” side of the table. Larry has a keen interest in supporting children and their families to navigate the often murky and confusing world of special education and has provided a much needed service in this area. His passion to see children receive quality education and programming is evident in his work.  Larry is one of few advocacy professionals with the background in education to understand both sides of the issues at hand. This leads to discussions that are realistic, fair and open-minded. Working with him never feels adversarial but always feels like we have a shared understanding of the responsibilities borne by a school district. Larry possesses unique knowledge and experience which makes him an invaluable asset. I am always glad to see him supporting families because he is truly partnering with everyone at the table.” 

~VT, Professor,  former Education Specialist-Autism, Seattle 


“His excellent skills [include]: conflict resolution, an ability to identify and focus upon areas of need and concern, facilitation, and a fierce commitment to children …”.  TM, Superintendent, King County

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Let’s Navigate Your Path Together!