“His excellent skills [include]: conflict resolution, an ability to identify and focus upon areas of need and concern, facilitation, and a fierce commitment to children …” 

Tom R. Murphy, Former Superintendent, Federal Way Public Schools


“This is my first year working in the school district and you have been the first student/parent advocate that I have worked with.  I instantly felt comfortable as you introduced yourself and presented the parent’s concerns.  You were dynamic with your thought process which demonstrated that you were actively listening to everybody’s concerns.  You reviewed what was said and made sure that everybody understood what was being said.  My only hope is that your colleagues do their job as professionally as you do.  You’ve set the bar very high in that regard.” 

David Cook, PT, Tacoma SD


“Larry’s insightfulness and solutions-oriented approach make him very effective … he receives the highest marks for professionalism and ability to provide meaningful assistance.” 

Michael Harrington, former General Council, Kent School District


“Larry Davis is an innovative thinker who has keen perspectives on student learning, effective instruction, and curriculum planning.” 

~ Jim Rudsit, Former Principal, Peninsula School District


“On a personal note, Larry is a wonderful people-person.  He is truly dedicated to assisting students reach their potential and to achieve their personal goals.” 

Nautilus Elementary PTA Executive Board


“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry on a number of cases and have always appreciated his style and commitment even as the person on the “other” side of the table. Larry has a keen interest in supporting children and their families to navigate the often murky and confusing world of special education and has provided a much needed service in this area. His passion to see children receive quality education and programming is evident in his work.  Larry is one of few advocacy professionals with the background in education to understand both sides of the issues at hand. This leads to discussions that are realistic, fair and open-minded. Working with him never feels adversarial but always feels like we have a shared understanding of the responsibilities borne by a school district. Larry possesses unique knowledge and experience which makes him an invaluable asset. I am always glad to see him supporting families because he is truly partnering with everyone at the table.” 

~Dr. Vanessa Tucker,  Professor, PLU, former Education Specialist-Autism, Tacoma SD