Along this extraordinary path, I have discovered gifts within others which have influenced my life in ways more than I can express.  The parents, kids, and their families who have touched my life each tell a story. As a result, my heart feels deep gratitude and appreciation way beyond words.  Nevertheless, I am called upon to share these experiences through writing so others may be inspired within their own path.  Whether as parents, staff, or students, we all are learning from one another through a greater understanding of ourselves and one another.  We are one.

“Recognizing children as a gift, not a possession, we have attempted, when mindful direct them inward, toward the source of ultimate happiness. And when all our hearts are met, more often than not there was more than just a parent/child relationship. There was the Beloved in us all ….”

Stephen and Ondrea Levine, Embracing The Beloved: Relationship As a Path Toward Awakening