“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”  Albert Einstein

Within the context of advocacy and behavior, understanding one another, serves as the foundation for our work.  And due the nature of the human condition, within the context of complex systems, such as parenting, teaching. and school administration, the intention of this work is to maximize understanding leading to collaboration, and eradicate conflict.  As a result, the third component of my practice highlights conflict resolutionSpecifically, working as a valued resource for parents and school districts, conflict resolution services are contracted as a separate entity from advocacy work, serving in a confidential platform.

Creating a bridge between schools and parents, our work together highlights a full range of issues including Special Education, Discipline, and General Education.  The purpose of this work supports collaboration, partnership, and avoids adversarial relations, including “due process” unless all avenues have been explored.  

The depth of my experience runs deep for I have worn many hats within the public school system including:  Conflict Resolution Ombudsman, Elementary Principal, District Highly Capable Coordinator, Behavior Specialist, Special Education Director and since 1998, serving as an Education Consultant and Advocate.  

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Love is a true thing if it is made up of a substance called understanding.   Thich Naht Hahn