Years ago, many of us sung a song around the campfire and through its simple lyric, the following was called out: “When we we ever learn?”

And now, as we are in the midst of a pandemic, during what likely will be a historical benchmark for generations, the question remains the same today as it did in the 1960s: When will we ever learn?

Personally, I have had to look in the mirror many times during the past year as the framework of “normal” seemed to fall by the wayside. And I found myself asking the same question: “What did I learn ?”

From my perspective, the most important lesson along this path has been the notion of authenticity; being real. Whether with myself or others. So instead of seeing the Covid experience as a “hardship” or a momentary hiccup, I see it as the great wake-up call, an awakening, which has been waiting in the wings for a long time. As we strip back to the fundamentals due to social distancing, “masking”, and economic down-turns, I believe our true selves serves our greatest good in these precious moments with authenticity and generosity at the core. I believe. And anything other than this simple truth stands out as a part of a process called “the pretender”.

Earlier this week, our family discussion centered around the idea of “being a poser”; a fake. This conversation stayed with me throughout the week. Then, it came into clarity as I re-discovered the following video; The Pretender by Jackson Browne.

I will leave the rest up to you to come to your own ideas, thoughts, and conclusions. Nevertheless, I am absolutely certain, whatever we do, whether as parents, educators, or bakers, butchers, and candlestick makers, living our dream, being true to our path, and doing so with authenticity, is the solution moving forward:

When the vaccines are all distributed …

When herd immunity has taken over ….

And we have moved on to the next crisis on TV …

Our true self stands in the middle of the storm. And everything is a reflection from this perspective: The choice is ours.


* formerly a Happy Idiot