Parenting a student with special needs is not always a walk in the park. Advocating for your child’s IEP needs (or 504 Plan) may also present challenges on this path. So when we add the Covid experience to the process, advocacy often takes on a whole new level of determination and support. That’s where I come in.

I encourage you to read your state’s latest Covid guidelines in support of IDEA (the federal law guiding special education) and honestly ask yourself, “Am I prepared to handle this?”.

Check out the WA State version of Covid Guidelines:

Or it’s long-form document:

Simply, not only are we now exploring your child’s IEP during distant learning formats, but also your IEP Team is called upon to consider: Recovery Services Needs as a Result of COVID-19 School Facility Closure or Compensatory Services for services which ” … the U.S. Department of Education says IEP teams must consider make-up or “compensatory” services”. Most parents are not aware of these services. Nor do most people know that CDC and OSPI recommend “on site” learning as follows: “Students must receive IEP services. The delivery of services can be online, in person, or
both. Many students can learn online or through a hybrid of online and in person. Some students need in-person instruction to learn. When it is safe to do so, schools should provide those services in person.

Just know, our services are here for you as you navigate working with your child’s IEP Team during this unprecedented time.


Best Regards.