Often parents say to themselves, “If things get worse, I will seek out the support of an advocate”. Think of it another way: Imagine the consequences if you said, “I will wait for things to get worse” before I go the dentist … or the mechanic, or any other specialist. Within complex education matters, asking for the support of a professional lends itself to resolving conflicts before the situation develops into a much larger set of issues.

Trust me on this: Not only have I been helping parents on a similar path as an Education Advocate for over 22 years, but I have also recently worked on the inside as a district Special Education Director and I know what happens when unresolved conflict unfolds when human emotions take over: Often mole-hills become mountains!

Following three years working within school districts with some of the most complex situations, as a behavior specialist, and director of special services, I am pleased to announce I am now working full-time again as an Education Advocate. The experience of seeing special education from the inside has been extraordinary and most valuable; for this was my intention back in 2016 when I decided to take a detour from full-time advocacy.

Now, as the Covid 19 pandemic adds to the complexities of special education and the school experience for every child, I look forward to working with parents and district personnel from the advocacy perspective once again. Simply, we are in the midst of a shift, a transformation, and each child’s educational program requires a mindful / conscious / collaborative approach. For each student is developing in his or her own time frame: In contrast, the bureaucracy of the public school system does not always work for the many, though it is designed for the privileged few.

Write me or give me a call. It will be worthwhile for NOW is the best time to make a move in support of your child’s education.

Best Regards,