This package is highly recommended for parents who are self-advocating on their child’s behalf, and are unfamiliar with special education law, 504 administration policies, and specially designed instruction. Also, this will be most valuable for experienced self advocates who want to take their skill set to the next level. 

We will provide on-going resources, guidance, and “insider’s information”, in support of you navigating your child’s IEP and 504 meetings.  Insights, analysis, and strategy, the fundamentals to successful advocacy, will be available to you before and after the meetings, and throughout your child’s education. You will feel more prepared than ever before as you take on the challenge of education advocacy alone.   Gifted Education parents; this package is for you as well!

PACKAGE “A” includes:

  • Analyze medical / neurological documentation & all diagnostic files 
  • Review school reports, report cards, and formal assessments.
  • Conference with parents & strategically design negotiations plan; before and after meetings
  • Communicate via phone, email, or zoom as the needs develop  


For the parent who wants the best educational plan for their child and knows they may be overwhelmed by the burden and time-commitment of self-advocacy; this is the most comprehensive advocacy service available with no compromises!

When your child’s best interest is at stake, the decision to retain the services of a professional advocate is a matter of getting the job done right the first time. We will complete the job from start to finish without loose ends, empty promises, or fragmented plans before each meeting, during the meeting, and following to assure your child is on the right path!

Due to the unique nature of each situation, package “B” requires an individualized pricing fee*.  Most importantly, our guiding mission is “no one should ever go it alone” so we work with all families, no matter where you are on the social – economic spectrum.   

Please be assured, we will be asking all parents if your child is on the “free & reduced lunch program” at school and know, there will not be any other questions or inquiry; your word is good enough for us to begin our work together for trust is the name of the game!

PACKAGE “B” includes:

  • Attend IEP / 504 Meetings as your Advocate. [IEP or 504 Meetings]; either in person or through technology.
  • Review school reports, report cards, formal assessments,  and prepare for meetings in conference calls and all emails prior to meetings. 
  • Initiate proposals by working in partnership and collaboration with school district personnel, and the IEP/504 teams; before and after meetings.

Call for pricing & package options*…

“No one should ever go it alone”; we are here for you!”

* Due to a vast range of social and economic conditions our families experience, we provide customized packages and service agreements. Life happens!  So we understand that there are moments when you may be faced with a temporary bump-in-the-road. 

We work with the mission statement above: “No one should ever go it alone”.  We stand by this.  So give us a call!