Super Hero Award 2009

In addition
to serving families and schools as an Educational Consultant/Advocate within the special education community, I have many years of experience coordinating Gifted Education programs in school districts. 
In fact, many  of the kids we support through our advocacy practice  have  “twice exceptional” attributes; extraordinary gifted and talented kids also diagnosed with challenges including autism, ADHD, and sensory perception issues.  The contrast may seem extreme, for most  people see one path lined with satin, as if gifted kids are the “haves”, whereas on the other hand, kids who face learning through a different lens, are often seen as “have nots”.  From our perspective, all kids are a gift and every one deserves access to the best education possible bar-none! Advocacy is just as valued on the gifted side of the learning continuum as special education and possibly, even more so, when one walks the “twice exceptional” path.


“I cannot imagine a student with a more complex

profile than those amazing kids known as “twice



Starting  in 1988 when I was a principal, my experience with Gifted Education went from limited to expert level for I was asked to develop and implement Gifted programs from scratch in the three schools I administered.  Since then, I have coordinated and taught Gifted classes across K-8th grade levels and have been a guest presenter at national and state conferences since 2005.  I know gifted!   

So if you are looking for an expert in Gifted Education, you came to the right place.  If you are in search of consultation and advocacy support with a “twice exceptional” son or daughter, we should talk as soon as possible.  There may be services, support, and opportunities available  which may have not presented itself.








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