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Are you wanting to take advocacy to the next step?  Maybe you have been successfully supporting your own kids, or you have been working on the “inside” as a school psychologist, resource room teacher, or special education director and you feel “It’s time to work directly with more parents and kids who are needing support”.   I always say, “No parent should ever go it alone” when it comes to the IEP and Section 504 process: your next calling may be in the realm of education advocacy for your desire to serve the world is justly needed now more than ever!  

This may a great time to consider working the parent side of the table for there so many kids who need your support.

Simply; this is your opportunity to work with an experienced advocate in support of your own education consulting practice.  Our mentorship and coaching support provides educators and parents on a transitional path from one side of the special education table to the other, opportunity to grow your business as well as your advocacy tool kit.  And in doing so, we are able to help more families successfully navigate the special needs maze.  As a former Principal, Instructional Coach, parent, Education Advocate, and Trainer, my extensive experience runs deep across all areas of the advocacy / consulting process.


“People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves …” Oliver Goldsmith

Initially, our path may take on a number of directions through coaching, however, the process will build upon YOUR DREAM, YOUR PASSION, and YOUR VISION in service to others in need of education advocacy support.  Most notably, your success as an advocate will be founded upon what you already know, your in-depth experience, and the ever-expanding tool kit you will develop over time.   In the meantime, I will bring to the process an empowering philosophy highlighted within the book, Love, Understanding, and Other Best Practices [Amazon] as well as an insightful understanding of the mentor relationship.
 I look forward to hearing from you for there are so many families who need your expertise, your guidance, and most importantly, your understanding such that there may be opportunities for us to work together as well!*


*I do recommend you read Love, Understanding, And Other Best Practices before we move forward on this adventure for it will set the tone in our work together.

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