Love, Understanding, And Other Best Practices

book cover 500 x 500It is time for a major shift within the old paradigm; special education, as we know it, fails on so many levels. Specifically written for Special Education Directors, teachers, support staff, and parents; Love, Understanding, and Other Best Practices provides an uplifting perspective on the IEP and 504 Plan intervention process. Coming together through “mutual understanding”, staff, parents, and directors are able to create innovative intervention plans as the new school of thought takes form. We are in the midst of a major cultural shift, where transparency and authenticity determine how we relate to one another. As a result, this book takes the IEP and 504 process to a new paradigm; one based upon promise, possibility, and cooperation, in contrast to resource scarcity and adversarial relationships.

Also, this title is also available on KINDLE BOOKS 

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