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RECOVERY SERVICES: This is written at what feels like the 11th hour for WA State IEP supported students. Please immediately share with everyone you know who has a child on an individual education plan [IEP] and has been impacted by the Covid-Remote Learning schedule...

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Lessons of a Pandemic: Authenticity or The Pretender

Years ago, many of us sung a song around the campfire and through its simple lyric, the following was called out: "When we we ever learn?" And now, as we are in the midst of a pandemic, during what likely will be a historical benchmark for generations, the question...

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Getting a Grip: Old Dogs Teaching New Tricks!

As we are all moving through "unprecedented" times, it seems we are either grasping for what was once normal, holding out for things to change, back to what was familiar, or grappling for new direction, ideas, or inspiration. Or doing all three at various times during...

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A Vision of School Beyond Covid Part II

BLM, Protests, and the Impact of School: “Just Thinking …” Like many others, I have watched on the nightly news the unfolding of social unrest and divisive confrontations for months.  I have been on the side-lines and always ready to state an opinion while...

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A Vision Beyond Covid: Never going back to Normal Part I

There’s no doubt that we are all facing challenges beyond what we signed up for as the repercussions of the Covid experience continues beyond the tenth month.  The impact causes us all to rethink “normal” and recalibrate our lives.  Some experience this...

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Reading As If Their Life Depended On It

Now that the election is behind us, we can slowly move on to other pursuits and interests. One of which is addressing a common question many of us experience this time of the year: "What will I get my ____ for the holidays?" For those who engage in gift giving during...

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