new LOGO landscapeWe are proud to serve families through CONSULTATION and DIRECT ADVOCACY: 


Through on-going CONSULTATION (PACKAGE “A”), many of our clients seek our guidance throughout their child’s education due to an established relationship based upon trust, understanding, and long-standing support.  

As  504, IEP, and Evaluation meetings are scheduled, we work together in developing a strategic plan for you in contrast to you going it alone.  Our consultation package is designed to support you for the long haul. No parent should ever it it alone! As a result, we developed PACKAGE agreements which are both economical as well as all inclusive for we are here for you when you need us! In addition, we work hourly when the service is task specific and may require targeted support beyond the consultation.

Also, due to the nature of our service, many of our clients take advantage of DIRECT ADVOCACY  (PACKAGE “B”) for they feel a great sense of relief to have a professional on their side of the table during these important meetings.  

Direct Advocacy provides you assurance and confidence knowing you have the expertise of a professional educator – advocate working on your behalf at these complex meetings.  Our in-depth knowledge of special education, laws, procedures, and interventions allows you opportunity to focus on your child and his/her needs rather than attempting to juggle a wide range of issues, challenges, personalities, and hidden agendas.  We also specialize in Gifted Education highlighting the instructional needs of the “Twice Expectional”!


TAKE NOTICE:  Through the extraordinary benefits of technology, we are now able to serve families everywhere through SKYPE or CONFERENCE CALL formats without missing a beat.  In fact, the process supports exceptional focus and listening across the table.  We highly recommend tapping into our support through technology supported advocacy.


We also offer a 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION for families who are needing quick guidance for a nominal fee when you are needing “insider” information in matters which come up: Evaluations, IEP reviews, and Discipline.  Sometimes this is all it takes to right the ship.


“Never go it alone … we are here for you!”


Supporting our business motto, “No one should ever go it alone”, we understand that everyone does not come to us from the same economic situation.  There are times in one’s life when you may experience abundance and prosperity, and there are moments when you face an economic bump in the road; we understand.  

Please call us or write us directly so we can customize a package which meets your needs and situation.  As a service to all families, throughout the year, we do have scholarship and reduced fee packages for families in need.  All we ask is for you to inform us if your child is on the “FREE and REDUCED LUNCH PROGRAM”.  It is our pleasure to serve everybody for “no one should ever go it alone!”

Payment: Check or PayPal (see below)