We have been helping parents navigate the special education and “gifted” maze since 1998, through intuitive – insightful consultation and direct advocacy. Our mission is to assure parents should never go it alone and always feel supported! 


Our advocacy practice features a uniquely perceptive understanding of children, their development, the instruction – learning process, and related behavior.  As a result, our guidance is instrumental to getting the advocacy job done right whether you are addressing ADD/ADHD, Autism, Social – Emotional Behavior, Specific Learning Disabilities, or any other developmental hurdles found within the IEP or 504 Plan processes.  

“Creating a shift from an emotionally-charged conversation, often impacted by frustration & failure, to an evidence-based, innovative decision process; founded upon what works? and mutual understanding: Nothing else matters if the discussion fails to establish a bridge toward collaboration.”

Due to our comprehensive experience as “insiders”, as principals, teachers, district coordinators, consultants, behavior specialists, (and parents), you will immediately experience a difference working with our support.  The level of partnership and collaboration, which develops due to our understanding of the school climate and culture, allows us to serve as a valued member of your child’s intervention team.  This is essential when selecting an advocate; for anything else may create an adversarial relationship and establish or reinforce division between the stakeholders across the table.  Mutual understanding is the core of effective advocacy!


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*Free Consultation available for families eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch

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