Helping parents navigate the special education, “gifted”, and behavior maze since 1998, through intuitive – insightful consultation and direct advocacy.  Never go it alone!

Due to our comprehensive experience as “insiders”, as Behavior Specialists, Principals, Teachers, Special Education Directors, and Consultants, you will immediately experience a difference working with our support.  

The level of partnership and collaboration, which develops due to our understanding of the special education laws, policies, instruction, and most notably, the school climate and culture, allows us to serve as a valued member of the school intervention team.  This is essential when selecting an advocate; for the traditional advocacy approach often creates an adversarial relationship and establishes or reinforces division between the stakeholders across the table: Our intent is to support each child through solutions, creativity, and partnership.   

“We have seen a thing or two (and much more), as a result, our in-depth insight, wisdom, and experience guides our practice so we can successfully support you on this path.”


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*Free Consultation available for families eligible for Free & Reduced Lunch

Watch an introduction message from Larry Davis, Founder

Advocacy: If Not Now, Then When?

Often parents say to themselves, “If things get worse, I will seek out the support of an advocate”. Think of it another way: Imagine the consequences if you said, “I will wait for things to get worse” before I go the dentist … or the mechanic, or any other specialist. Within complex education matters, askingContinue Reading

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