We have been helping parents navigate the special education and the”2E” maze since 1998, through intuitive – insightful consultation and direct advocacy. Our mission is to assure parents should never go it alone and always feel supported! 

Our advocacy practice features a uniquely perceptive understanding of children, their development, the instruction – learning process, and related behavior*.  As a result, our guidance is instrumental to getting the advocacy job done right whether you are addressing ADD/ADHD, Autism, Specific Learning Disabilities, or any other developmental hurdles through:

  • IEP (specially designed instruction)
  • 504 Plan (accommodations)
  • Highly Capable / Gifted Learning Plan or …
  • Twice Exceptional / 2E

Simply, our team supports you and your child’s education plan, from three years old to high school graduation, through a dynamic approach to intervention.  Most notably, in-depth educational expertise, blended with deep compassion for all members of the intervention process, guides our efforts.  Our clients tell us this is truly critical when working with teachers and school personnel. 

Due to our comprehensive experience as advocates, principals, teachers, district coordinators, consultants, (and parents), you will immediately experience a difference working with our support.  The level of partnership and collaboration, which develops due to our “insider experience“, allows us to serve as a valued member of your child’s intervention team.  This is essential when selecting an advocate; for anything else may create an adversarial relationship and establish or reinforce division between the stakeholders across the table.  Mutual understanding is the core of effective advocacy!

“Primary responsibility of an effective advocate moves the process from an emotionally-charged conversation, often impacted by frustration and failure, to an evidence-based decision process: Founded upon “What Works?” and mutual understanding:  Nothing less is acceptable!”

Consider this, if you have been down this path for years, and have experienced frustration, just know, you have finally found a resource which can make a difference for you and your child!  On the other hand, if you are just starting out on the special needs path, you will appreciate the guidance and support available through our services for no one should ever go it alone!: Read more about us.

Larry’s expertise with behavior, social – emotional learning, and self-regulation strategies serves as a foundation of our work.  Let us help you navigate the “Inconvenient Truth” within education; for behavior is a form of communication and it’s critical for us, as parents, educators, and clinicians to truly work from a position of understanding first and foremost, rather than iradicating and “control”.  


If you have not already, give us a call now*:

(206) 914-0975 / (888) 881-5904

* Free Consultation available for families qualified for Free & Reduced Lunch


Watch an introduction message from Larry Davis, Founder

True Education Reform is an Inside Job

One of things I get to do in my work is to support teachers and principaIs directly when behavior issues rise to the surface.  Whether serving as an Education Advocate / Consultant or as a district Behavior Specialist, I am expected to know what I am talking about. And by doing so, I generally tendContinue Reading

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